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Measure your horse, then buy a saddle that fits!

Trail saddles are the most popular horse saddles sold in the United States.  Crest Ridge Saddlery offers five distinct trail saddles models, including western, endurance and plantation style saddles.  All of our saddles are built using your measurements to order, allowing you to customize your saddle from our extensive list of saddle options
.  Each model is offered in traditional leather and Lite configurations. Our horse saddle designs were inspired by working saddles from the ‘old west’ which we modified to take advantage of modern technology and our years of experience in leading organized trail rides. In our flare trees, the gaited horse’s shoulder is free to move and the rider is placed in the center balanced position that has been proven superior over centuries of riding. Our horse saddles offer a variety of rigging options to prevent galling and promote saddle stability. Crest Ridge Saddlery places a premium on rider comfort too. Our saddles have Supra-Cor padded gel-like seats covered with glove leather standard. We use only Wicket and Craig #1 leather, except for billets. For enhanced durability we use only stainless steel hardware and real Blevin's buckles. All of our saddles feature standard slide-byes to prevent the free moving fenders from catching on the cinch strap. Our trail saddles for gaited horses and mules are the Crusade, Ovation, Sentry, Sinclair and Wade.   We stand behind our fitting service and saddle quality--if you are not satisfied for any reason you may return the saddle within seven days for an exchange or refund (click her for details).

All of these saddles can be center-fire or Y rigged.  Click here for an instructional video.

Saddles pictured may include optional equipment that is available at additional cost.

The Crusade

The Crusade is a beautiful hand-crafted, endurance style, trail saddle suitable for horses without a high withers and less rock (curve) in the back. With its superb balance and comfortable slightly deeper seat, the Crusade endurance saddle is ideal for trail, endurance, or everyday pleasure riding. Recessed stirrups prevent bulk under the leg and allow a more natural line from hip to heel. The Crusade a 3.75" cantle rise for comfort during long days in the saddle. The saddle also features multiple rings for convenience. To prevent elbow chaffing on your horse our rigging in this saddle is set at ¾ ‘Hanging Dee’ on the front, and drop rigging on the back. ‘Hanging Dee’ rigging is the most durable for trail riding because the ‘dee’ hangs and both ends of leather are fastened directly to the tree. The Crusade comes standard with endurance stirrups.  The Crusade Lite and Crusade Ultra-Lite come with laced bell stirrups.

The Ovation

The Ovation offers trail, competitive and endurance riders an extremely comfortable seat. The Ovation's lightweight, clearance over the spine, flared bars and properly positioned seat allows your horse or mule to move freely without interference from the saddle. The Ovation features an average rock (curve) in its tree and will fit a large number of horses.  All of the Ovation model saddles come with endurance stirrups standard.  We build your Ovation saddle to order allowing you to choose from a wide array of saddle options so you get exactly what you desire in a saddle.

The Sentry - Western Trail Saddle

The Sentry is our custom-made Amish hand crafted western trail horse saddle.  The Sentry is an affordable, high quality saddle.   We use a modified J-bar tree in the Sentry. The Crest Ridge modified J-bar tree has stood the test of time. First seen in the saddles dating back to 1880, it was originally designed specifically for mules and narrow-bodied animals. This time tested and true tree has proven its worth in the thousand of animals able to remain sound with heavy use.  The Sentry Saddle is easily configured for Western Dressage.  The Sentry comes with endurance stirrups standard.  The Sentry Lite and Sentry Ultra-Lite come with laced bell stirrups standard.  We build your Sentry saddle to order allowing you to choose from a wide array of saddle options so you get exactly what you desire in a saddle.  For our long-time customers, we previously marketed the Sentry-Lite as the Sonata--only the name has changed.

The Sinclair - Plantation Styled Trail Saddle

Our unique Sinclair saddle design combines the best features of English, Western and Plantation saddles. The Sinclair offers exceptional value for riders looking for the comfort and style offered by a Plantation saddle.  This saddle offer the seat comfort and security found in Western endurance saddles along with the leg comfort of English style stirrup leathers.  The Sinclair is built on the same tree as our Ovation saddle and designed for the average built horse. All versions of the Sinclair saddle come with endurance stirrups standard.  The Sinclair can be set up for English or western rigging, along with many other saddle options.  It is the lightest saddle we produce. As with all of our saddles, the Sinclair is built to order based on your measurements.

The Wade  - Western Trail Saddle

Our custom designed Wade saddle sits low and close to the horse.  Its design places more surface area of the bars in contact with the horse's back providing maximum weight distribution. Our Wade saddle has a deep seat with a 5.5" cantle designed for comfort and security during long hours in the saddle, with the rider in a center balanced position.   The Wade comes with endurance stirrups standard.  The Wade Lite and Wade Ultra-Lite come with laced bell stirrups standard.  It has double suspended hanging Dee rigging that connects directly to the tree for extra ruggedness and can be reinforced for roping as an option.

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