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Hi Debra: 

I've known Debra a very long time online and have owned one of her saddles previously (loved it). This year I was lucky enough to spend some time with her in person. She is the most honest, patient, knowledgeable horse person I know. She's also the most humble. Her daughter Sarah is on top of everything in the ordering process. Her customer service is superior!

Debra's saddles were high quality before but I can honestly say they are now the highest quality saddles I have found - both leather and Cordura at a reasonable price. They're beautiful, comfortable and most importantly they fit you and the horse. I didn't think my new saddle fit and Debra very patiently worked with me to figure out if it truly didn't fit or if it just needed a little shimming due to my horses conformation. Luckily after following Debra's directions for shimming - it fit!!! I LOVE my new Wade Lite and my horse loves it too. I know I will get many, many years of enjoyment out of this saddle. Debra does some kind of magic with reading the white towel test and fitting your horse even with just a wither tracing and pictures. She asked me "Why do you always buy horses with challenging backs?" LOL (My new horse has a protruding spine). She would not guarantee fit without the purchase of a pad to protect his spine. How many people are willing to potentially lose a sale to make sure the horse is protected?

Her products are such high quality that I bought a breast collar from her 10 years ago and it's been sitting in my tack trunk since then. I pulled it out to use with my new saddle and it still looks BRAND NEW. It's not dry, discolored - it's perfect!!!

If you're looking for a high quality saddle, from an excellent company, with excellent service and most important a saddle that fits - go to Crest Ridge!!!

Christine McKittrick (October 2017)
Dear Crest Ridge

Here is my eval of your saddle, thanks for all your great work!

After two knee replacements I began looking for a new saddle, which would allow more freedom of leg movement. I also needed a saddle that would fit my Rocky Mountain Horses. I decided to try the Crest Ridge Saddle Company. Debra allowed me to fit and try saddles on my different horses, which was a huge sell feature for me.

After a year of trail riding I am more than pleased with my new saddle. The stirrups and fenders allow me to swing forward and back giving my new knees relief from being held in one position. It took time for me to switch from the feel of my old saddle to the new one but now I am “home” and relaxed in the seat. I have a centered balanced feel when I sit in my saddle. I love that the leather is soft, flexible and it is quiet and does not squeak like a new saddle.

While I love what my saddle does for me, I would not have purchased the saddle if it had not worked for my Rockies. On every one of my Rockies I have seen an improvement in gait movement and their comfort in performing for me.

Thanks Crest Ridge I appreciate your work!

Jan, Bowling Green KY
Hi Deb and Sarah! Sorry I have taken so long to let you know how much I love the 3 saddles we purchased from you last year. Wanted to log some miles in them so I could give a completely accurate review of them in my opinion. They are the best saddles I have ever ridden in and would have saved myself a lot of money if I hadn't bought other saddles that ended up causing problems for both me and my horses if had purchased yours to begin with. They are comfortable for me, beautiful, and durable. Even my skeptical husband now loves his and sold all his other saddles. They have given use a secure seat and solved all our saddle fit problems we were experiencing with our extremely shaped horses. We no longer experience saddle rolling and slipping or saddle sores. Plus appreciate that the saddles are light weight and the additional options we could choose from. Not to mention the fact you saved us money by coming to us for the saddle fitting and by being honest about the products we did not need. I personally will not purchase any other saddle brand as long as you continue to make yours! Which I hope will be for a very long time. I do and would recommend your saddles to anyone. Thanks again and will look forward to doing business with you in the future. Your customer service was top notch! Take care! Steph Chalgren
Okay here we go....as you know we had rain rain rain...then I went blind!!....had surgery one month ago...have sight and it's very clear but not...left eye has quite a bit of damage .. No perception of depth...got the winch etc working....went for my first tiny trail ride today...turned 70 last Sunday...


I feel like I,m lying in bed it fits me so perfect and IT FITS THE PROPANE TANK PERFECT.

How can I thank you enough...found you online....got good feelings about you all and you produced a saddle that will give me and my wonderful gypsy vanner horse the best last years of our lives....THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU...
I will send you photos soon. Love to all of you...xxxxx..... Ella
Hi Sarah,

 You were 100% right! (I bet you get that a lot ha ha) The trainer at my barn helped me center fire the rigging & I borrowed her wool pad and went on a trail ride in the canyons. Steep uphill & downhill, walk trot and canter and I've never felt more secure in my seat! No slipping at ALL. Here is a note from my trainer talking about how well he moved out:
"He looked like a completely different horse and your seat & your riding was way way better! You looked solid! Good choice good job"

Attached are some photos of the sweat marks & saddle fit. Bottom line, I couldn't be happier with my new saddle.
Thanks again for all of your advice & guiding me through this process. It was a great experience. 


Dear Friends at Crest Ridge,

Just a note to let you know that both my mule Emma and I love your SupraCinch. Fit is perfect and keeps the very nice broad belly contact right in the sweet spot. It so much better than the connected double cinch I've been using. Thr centerfire rig I tried would not stay in place. 

The SupraCinch is perfect! 

Many many thanks from both Emma , a very happy mule.  

Best regards, 

I talked several times to the very informative ladies there. When I found out that I could make payments, I was elated. I placed my order, after my final payment, about the the first of July. It was to be delivered about the 4th but since that was a holiday, I figured it wouldn't be delivered before that and that meant I might not get it for a couple more days. .shouldn't be a problem but I was so excited to see it. Anyway, it came so quickly that I was beyond excited! My granddaughter and I got it put of the box and it was just beautiful! Everything I hoped it would be..but my fun was "dampened" because we were in a rainy-spell. Not to be thwarted, we set up the saddle stand in the living room and I tried it out there lol. When it finally quit raining a few days later, put it on my horse and it was a perfect fit!! He loves it and so do I ! Been riding it got a few months now and am loving it.  So glad I met these wonderful people at Road To The Horse in Lexington.  Thanks Crest Ridge Saddlery. Sandy B (August 2015)
I was really stunned by the quality of the leather and craftsmanship of my saddle! I have owned many - Tucker, Circle Y, even an Imus saddle - this one is, by far, the most well made with the best leather and attention to detail. I'm just thrilled with it.

Thanks - Linda Smith (Fair Grove)
Just wanted to let you know that the saddle you provided/made was a PERFECT fit for Kyra. I was really worried as she is a hard to fit Gyspy Vanner. The quality, workmanship and fit were above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank you enough for being able to fit her based on pictures and measurements as per your “fitting guide”. I can’t thank you enough. The saddle is beautiful….so well made. I will be ordering my next saddle for Rue from you next.  Thank you again!!  Carmen Lazarich Monte
Debra & Sarah,  I have been wanting to buy my Crest Ridge Ovation it seems forever. Well, I finally was able to. And I felt darn lucky when Debra and Crest Ridge Saddlery was showing up at our yearly Horse Expo in Pomona. And even luckier that I was able to contact her before hand during a week day and drive my mare out to her in person. I had talked to you several times throughout the years about buying one, but it was just never in the stars at those times. After buying me my cute little mare a year ago I knew I needed a new saddle for my little barrel of a mare. I sent you all the pictures and measurements you needed and was even lucky to drive out to you. You and Sarah helped every step of the way. I trusted your every suggestion. And this was my first new leather saddle. So when I finally received it I was more than excited to get it out and ride. It fit Mercy my Missouri Fox trotter like a glove. And it is the most comfortable saddle I have EVER ridden in. I've already have put many hours into it. And I can promise you my husband will be your next customer soon. Not only did I end up with a saddle that will be with me forever, but also a lasting friendship with Debra and Crest Ridge. Customer service is alive and well. If anyone ever asked me about saddles.....Crest Ridge Saddlery fly's out of my mouth. Thanks Debra and Sarah for an awesome experience. I've also bought a few other items and I must say everything is beautifully made. Don't tell husband but soon I will be getting a bitless bridle from her too. Thanks again to you all!!!!!  Melissa and Mercy.

Debra,  I wanted to touch base for a couple of reasons. First, thank you for making such an excellent saddle as my Crest Ridge Crusade. I haven't had a chance to call and thank you for your help. My wide backed mutton withered Rocky had such a hard time finding saddles to fit and this one works great.
Combine that with his Supra Cinch and he doesn't have any cinching problems at all any more. With other saddles he seemed to be resenting being saddled and cinched and I am sure it was because he was uncomfortable. I just finished a 150 mile horseback wagon train ride from Buffalo SD to Deadwood SD and due to a variety of circumstances ended up riding 5 different horses during the ride as well as 5 different saddles...2 of them custom made saddles. When I sat back into my Crest Ridge on the final day it was like sitting in padded rocking chair. What a relief. Next year I am riding my own horse the whole way in my Crest Ridge saddle!
Thanks!  Les Voorhis

We won the 12 mile CTR on Vashon Island, WA. on September 22, 2012 Marta wearing her Crest Ridge Crusade. The most comfortable saddle! Valerie Vigesaa

Hi Debra & Sarah,

Thank you again, Debra, for meeting me and my horse Dillon in Mercer, PA on your way home last Monday. When I got home, I took Dillon to my trainer’s arena and got the saddle all set up with the breast collar per your recommendations. Once adjusted properly, the collar definitely made it easier to get the saddle in the right spot, and keep it there.

I didn’t get a chance to do anything else with Dillon until Friday, when I took him out for a 2 hour trail ride at a good friend’s property. The last time we were there (mid-September), Dillon was so bad that once I had him loaded back up on the trailer, my friend took me aside and told me that a) she had genuinely feared for my life on the ride, and b) maybe I should consider moving on to a different horse (and she is one to NEVER give up on a horse, EVER). That was when I, still convinced that Dillon’s real issue was saddle fit, went home and ordered my Crest Ridge Sinclair saddle.

So, this was Dillon’s chance for redemption. With his new saddle properly fitted and rigged for his conformational “features”, we went out for nearly two hours over very challenging terrain, and Dillon’s performance just blew everyone away! He was simply AWESOME. After almost two years of frustration, hard work, research, and faith, I finally have the horse I thought I’d bought, and I love him! THANK YOU SO MUCH.

Sincerely, Jennifer

Dear Debra and Sarah,
Here Is Champ in his custom made Crest Ridge saddle and breast collar and saddle pad. It fits him wonderful and he has been riding great now. No refusing to go forward and so on. No more saddle slipping and sliding either. It is a very comfy saddle for me also. It is such a pretty trail saddle and I get a lot of compliments on it. His Crest Ridge headstall and braided reins are also wonderful. Champ and I Love everything. I highly recommend you to everyone. Thanks Again!
Carla Houston

Just had to send you an email, about how awesome the Crusade combined with the wool felt pad from Crest Ridge is on a Short backed, roached backed and a rather round sort of belly (even when he is fit) Standardbred. You forget at times, the freedom the horse gives you when you ride. You know those day's, where you could ride all day? Sunday was like that, and the fact that Coppy was moving beautifully under the saddle, and Cantering along and reaching forward into the canter. Which he won't do with an Australian Stock Saddle (Australian Made) or the Wintec Range of Saddles (ie. Isabell & Stock Saddle). Basically he was having a ball, going from a trot into a canter, and then picking up speed in the canter, and when I asked him to whoa up, there was no need to use the reins, and even better, he went back into a trot, where as generally with the other saddles, he would go back into a pace. Plus I feel so super balanced in this saddle, and ride along on a loose rein, as even if he did shy, I can feel my weight evenly distributed on my seat bones, and down to the balls of my feet.
Just wanted to share with you the positive riding experience I have had in the Crusade, and how as a rider you truly appreciate such a great saddle.
Have a truly awesome week-end.
Cheers. Wendy.  Brisbane, Australia July 2012

Crest Ridge Saddlery is a Missouri-based company, founded by Debra Racheter who continues to own and run the company. Debra's expertise includes fitting traditional saddle trees to horses and mules and their riders. Crestridge Saddlery can be found at a variety of expos throughout the US throughout the year with (usually) with at least 18 different trees on board, in addition to saddles and other tack, to use in on-site fittings. Debra Racheter personally owns and rides mules as well as horses and has an inquisitive mind. These things I find help in her understanding of the challenges in fitting each individual with a saddle. For more info see www.crestridgesaddlery.com .
My favorite things about Crestridge saddles are the fit and the quality/softness of the leather. This combination results in comfort for me and my mules. In addition, Crestridge Saddlery has been very innovative and helpful in customizing saddles to meet my needs. I prefer a trimmed down (very little skirting) western style saddle with english leathers rather than fenders. Unconventional perhaps but functional for me. I also want the leather seat jockey designed to leave the rigging d's exposed so I don't have to bang my knuckles into the edge of the jockey to lift it nor hold the jockey out of the way to see what I'm doing. These customizations are all done at a reasonable cost.
If you like the idea of lightness in a cordura saddle but you don't like the "look," of those you've seen, check out Crestridge lite saddles. It's hard for me to envision buying anything else the rest of my riding days.
Ruth Reynolds, Allardt, TN   Crestridge Saddlery is my saddlemaker of choice
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