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Saddle Testimonials

Sara and Deborah,
I have loved my Crest Ridge saddle and so has Sugar. Thanks for all of your help with fitting. You made the process so easy. Also, the center fire rigging works great on his build. A perfect match.
I was really stunned by the quality of the leather and craftsmanship of my saddle! I have owned many - Tucker, Circle Y, even an Imus saddle - this one is, by far, the most well made with the best leather and attention to detail. I'm just thrilled with it.

Thanks - Linda  (Fair Grove)
Hi Sarah,  Just wanted to let you know that the saddle you provided/made was a PERFECT fit for Kyra. I was really worried as she is a hard to fit Gyspy Vanner. The quality, workmanship and fit were above and beyond my expectations. I can’t thank you enough for being able to fit her based on pictures and measurements as per your “fitting guide”. I can’t thank you enough. The saddle is beautiful….so well made. I will be ordering my next saddle for Rue from you next.  Thank you again!!  Carmen 
Hey, thumbs up all around then! You are officially not getting the saddle back. ;-)

Thanks so much for a wonderful saddle, and helping me and Faith get going down the trail. I already feel much more comfortable and secure in it than in the make-shift saddle which I had been using. The first time I tacked her up to ride in it, she put her head down as we walked to the mounting block and licked & chewed.

I will certainly be spreading the good word about the fine folks at Crest Ridge Saddlery.

Thanks again,
Hello All,  It’s been a few months since I’ve had my Sentry saddle, and I’ve neglected to give you some feedback. I LOVE my saddle!! You were so helpful in choosing the correct saddle for my hard to fit gelding. Although my boy still acts a little cinchy, I’m pretty sure it’s based on his memory of past saddles. He has no pressure points, no sensitive spots or rub outs. And his cinchiness is getting better daily. Once I hop on him his ears go forward and he’s a happy boy. As for me, with my arthritic hips and knees, I’m equally as happy with the saddle. Very comfortable seat. And it’s so lightweight that I have no problems hoisting it up onto his 16H2” frame. 

Thank you so much!!
Nancy, Long Beach, CA 
Dear Deb and Sarah,

As you can see from this pic, Cyrus looks stunning in his new Encore! More importantly, he moves well under it and does not complain about being saddled up at all. I have shimmed the right shoulder pad due to his uneven musculature and he is working fine in it. The seat is wonderful for me too. It puts me in a great position and seat and the high cantle gives my back support on longer trail rides. It has gotten rave reviews at our barn from all who have seen it and climbed aboard to try it out. Thank you for a most wonderful saddle-building process from beginning to end. It is a quality saddle through and through. Anne C
Debra: Today I took a lesson in my new Sentry saddle. My instructor was very pleased at the fit and how the saddle placed my legs in the perfect position. She competes in upper level dressage and is a very good rider. My horse Patch is gaiting beautifully. I am able to ride him all over the yard and in the woods by himself. He used to spook all the time when I rode him. Now he hardly ever spooks. This coming week I am going camping with him and I know I will be riding long hours in my comfy saddle. 

To the right is a picture of my Sentry on Patch my Paso Fino. This saddle also fits my other shorter, mutten wither Paso and our Tennessee Walking Horse. I love this saddle. My instructor really saw a difference in our lesson. I tell everyone I know how much I like it and let them try it on their horse. I have not untied the back latigo yet. I need to do that soon. Thanks for a excellent quality, secure, well fitting saddle!
Dolores Field, Urbanna, VA

My Fell Pony and I had a fantastic ride in our Crest Rige Sinclair Lite today. Super comfy and fits like a glove! Terie O.
I love it! I have never had such a comfortable saddle in my life. It fits Mercy like a glove. Debra said ride with a Navajo blanket and that is perfect. So I bought the matching breast collar and bridle with the braided reins. I finally had the chance to get a good picture of her in her new gear. Also got the stamped flank set. Love this saddle. Did a ride yesterday and a woman had a Crest Ridge Saddle too, but a Cordura. Here is Mercy in her new Crest Ridge Ovation. Finally, after all these years of wanting a Crest Ridge I finally have one, I bought the show brown. -- Melissa

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