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Saddle Options


Crest Ridge Saddlery offers many different saddle options.  Not all options are available for all saddle styles or trees.   If you don't see what you are looking for, give us a call. The following list is not inclusive :

Leather Colors

Black, Chestnut, Oiled Chestnut, & Show Brown

We can make all of our leather saddles and tack in any of these colors at no additional cost.  (Please note some items may be out of stock or made to order.)

Please be aware we do our absolute best to portray the end result but colors vary due humidity, lighting, etc.

Cordura Colors

Black and Brown

Cordura is used on our Lite saddles at no additional cost.  Black, by far, seems to be the preferred color.  

Please note there may be differences in color due to digital camera, lighting, monitor, or web browser settings.

No additional colors are available.


Seat Sizes

13 to 18 inches. 13, 14 and 18 inch seats are not compatible with all trees.  14 and 18 inch seats require longer to produce and may be considered custom.

Alter ground seat

Make the twist wider or more narrow, or the build up the rise from back to front.  Price varies.

Basket weave stamping

Fully stamped

Leather saddles only


Border stamping

No Charge - Now Standard on all Saddles

Bucking rolls

Standard leather colors.
Attachable to any Crest Ridge Saddle


Cantle pouch

Standard leather colors.
Not available on 4" cantles, or Cheyenne Rolls



$10 Each.

All of our saddles come standard with 4 stainless steal coachman and loops along the back, a crupper ring or D, and another set of loops on the front latigo/cinch keepers.



        Floral Concho         Rope Berry Concho

         Texas Rose           

        Texas Slotted         Floral Slotted

English Stirrup Leather


Hand sewn rim seat


Hoof pick pouch

On rear flank set.

Horn delete

Available on the Crusade, Sentry or Wade only.

No charge

Leather Fenders

Leather fenders that can be used as replacements or as an upgrade from Cordura fenders.  $299

Lengthen leather fenders


Lengthen Codura fenders


Nevada Twist

Turns stirrups

Rawhide Binding

Horn, cantle and swell only.

Roping Tree/Package

Reinforced tree suitable for roping.  We do not cover damage caused by roping to saddles under our guarantee or warranty unless we reinforced the tree for roping.  Not available on all trees or saddle styles.

Rawhide Tree $305

Reinforced Rigging, Reinforced Horn, & Latigo Wrapped Horn $205

Shortened Fenders


Slide by

The slide by is an extra piece of skirting that goes between the rigging and fender.  It prevents the fender from getting caught on the rigging when the fender moves forward.

Now standard on all saddles at no additional cost!

Stirrup upgrades

Laced bell to endurance: $86
Laced bell to tapadero:  $108
Endurance to tapadero:  $40

Suede seat


Western to English Billets 4 pieces


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