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Supra Cinch Instructions


Your Supra Cinch comes with 1 cinch and 1 nylon near side (long tie) and 3 off side billets (short)

See a photo of the Supra Cinch to the right.

1. Remove all the nylon straps from your Supra Cinch.

2. Place the longest strap on the front near side (Left) ring of your current saddle.

See photo for Step 2 to the right.

3. Place one of the shorter straps on the near side (Left) Rear Rigging ring.

4. Place another of the shorter straps on the off side (Right) front right of the saddle.

See photo for Step 4 to the right.

5. Place the remaining short strap on the off side (Right) rear ring.

See photo for Step 5 to the right.

6. Place saddle on the horse. Attach the off side (Right) Front and Rear straps to the Supra Cinch so that the center in directly centered under the horse.

See photo for Step 6 to the right.

7. Draw up each strap on the cinch so that each is tightened evenly.

See photo for Step 7 to the right.

8. As with any cinch, periodically check tightness during your ride.

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