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Saddle pads are extremely important and useful for ensuring a proper fitting saddle for your horse and mule. Saddle pads can also provide significant protection for your horse's back. Crest Ridge Saddlery is committed to providing only the highest quality saddle pad.

Crest Ridge 100% natural wool contoured saddle pads

Over the years I have said this to many of you… “the best protection for your horse back is a 100% Wool Saddle Pad with a channel down the spine to provide additional clearance, vent the heat and preventing sore backs and spine rubs”

 All of our saddle pads are made from F11 grade industrial pressed wool.  Our wool felt pads are a 100% natural product that will wick moisture and heat away from your horse keeping you horse more comfortable while reducing saddle movement.
Have you ever seen a hatter clean and reshape a black felt cowboy hat? He does it with steam. When we place a well fitted saddle on your horse’s back, a 100% wool felt pad, and use that same pad on that same horse with the same saddle within 4 or 5 rides the horses’ body heat starts to mold that pad to a perfect fit. If there is a place that is a bit tight, or if your horse is a bit asymmetrical, within a few rides this pad molds itself to a perfect shape.Crest Ridge Wool Felt Saddle Pad
Crest Ridge Saddle PadCrest Ridge Saddlery now makes our own line of wool felt saddle pads. Bringing production of saddle pads in-house allows us to insure consistent quality, customer service and offer our customers a superior product at lower cost. Our effort produces what we feel is the best saddle pad on the market today. The Crest Ridge Saddle Pad is a premium saddle pad designed for use with a single horse over time. These custom made pads feature a cut-out to provide additional clearance over the spine and are only available from Crest Ridge Saddlery.

If you have a horse that is out of condition and you know that he will change shape as you put the miles on him, Crest Ridge Saddle Pads will change with him. The felt is shaped the same steam that the hatter uses, only this time the steam machine is your horse. Cheaper wool felt pads on the market are made of needled felt which pad cannot compress.

The Crest Ridge Saddle Pad is durable, designed to last for 2,000 hours of hard riding. If you are riding 5-hours a week, this pad will last over 7 years. The Crest Ridge Saddle Pad is likely the last pad you will have to purchase for your gaited horse or mule.

Crest Ridge Saddle Pads are offered in 1/2" (gray only), 3/4" and 1" thicknesses. All our saddle pads are 27.5" long (front to back along the spine) and 30.5 inches wide (not including the wear leathers).  We offer each pad in grey (natural) and black. The black pads are a bit more expensive to account for the extra step of dying the wool.


Order below or call 1-417-644-0091 to order

Gray (natural) saddle pad3/4" $159.00BUY1" $189.00BUY
Gray (natural) saddle liner or pad1/4" Liner  $48.00BUY1/2" $129.00BUY
Black saddle pad3/4" $189.00BUY1" $229.00BUY
Crest Ridge Saddle PadCrest Ridge Saddle Pad

New Item:  Pad Liners

We are now offering a 1/4" Pad Liner. 
Made from the same material as our saddle pads, this 1/4" thick gray liner is great for putting under your normal pad to keep it clean or use in lieu of a saddle blanket.  $48.00 

IMPORTANT: Cheaper wool felt pads on the market are made of needled forced fiber felt which pad cannot compress or maintain your horses shape. These pads often contain synthetic material. Our pads are 100% wool felt and are made of the finest material available.

For sanitary reasons, your Crest Ridge Saddle pad is the only item that we sell that are non returnable for any reason because of the nature of the item. We would never want to be responsible for the spread of ringworm or other fungus borne skin diseases.

Customer Comments:

Dear Debra and Sarah,  This past week, I have finally gotten to do a bit more riding in my Crest Ridge Sinclair, and the 3/4" natural felt Crest Ridge Saddle pad.  To put it bluntly, I am simply amazed with the performance of both products.  As you know, I had my Sinclair before purchasing the Crest Ridge Pad.  I loved the saddle, but was having issues getting my saddle balanced with the pads I owned, and to get it not to roll.  I had tried my Haf Pad (a nice pad but too squishy) and my Equipedic (which is a great pad, but extremely thick).  While both of these "high tech" pads might have their applications with other types of saddles and riding, I was finding that although my Crest Ridge fit my mare great without a pad, I didn't have a pad that made everything work together perfectly.  With the kind of distance I ride, I really needed a pad that worked correctly with my saddle.

Of course, the answer was under my nose the entire time!  The Crest Ridge 100% Natural Wool Contoured Pads!  I cannot say enough good things about this pad - - it is spectacular!!!  From the very first time I tried the pad under my Crest Ridge Sinclair, I noticed a difference. No more roll!  The saddle and pad fit perfectly together, and my mare seemed SO relaxed, happy and comfortable. Cherry moves out beautifully,  and has a ton of go when we use the Sinclair and the Crest Ridge Pad, while having the room and desire to go on the bit and use her body correctly. In my old saddle and pad, I was getting a ton of tripping and Cherry was constantly "losing her hind end," but with the Sinclair and the Crest Ridge pad, all of those issues are gone, and for the first time, I felt completely at ease with my so-called "clumsy" mare at a canter in the arena -- no tripping whatsoever. As ever, correct saddle fit is key to excellent performance!

Since I am so used to all of the high-tech, newfangled endurance stuff (I board at a barn with a bunch of well-known endurance people). I was initially skeptical of how a felt pad could work so well, and make such a tremendous difference, but it really does!  Our vet was out at the ranch the day I received the pad. He noticed my Sinclair (it is a beautifully crafted saddle!), and he commented on how great the saddle and pad looked on my mare, how well it looked like they fit, and even asked me where I bought my tack! (...of course I told him -- Crest Ridge Saddlery!).

Debra said it all when she told me "Sometimes, you've got to get back to basics, girl!" and I now believe every word of it.  Thank you to Debra and Sarah for their knowledge, helpfulness, patience in helping me solve my saddle fit problems, and for your stellar customer service.  I am a Crest Ridge convert, and so is my (formerly) hopelessly hard to fit mare! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Kind regards, Jackie and Cherry (Cherubim's Flaming Sword, a Morgan Mare).

Debra, it was great to see you at Equifest. I have tried the new wool pad liner . It works great and there has not been any slipping. As with all of your products that I have tried this is another one that works. Thank you.  Mike Norris

Hi again, Deb. Okay, here are the last photos. I went back to the barn after speaking with you today. Put on a white towel, pad and saddle, and off we went. Is it possible that Toby was even happier than before? I think he really liked having the pad under the saddle! Anyway, as you requested, I am again attaching some photos so you can see the fit. Like a jerk, I forgot my camera and had to take the pictures with my phone, so the quality isn’t quite as good as the others. (what did we ever do before we had phones with cameras?)
We only rode for about a half hour, pretty much walking most of the time. Wow, I can’t believe how steam built up under the pad. I can see how it will conform to both the horse and the saddle. What a great quality pad! Hopefully by the fall I’ll be ordering the ¾” pad. I’m hoping that by then he will rebuild the muscle around the withers and not seem so hollow. I will certainly keep you apprised of his progress.
Although I board at a small barn, everyone there knows how pleased I am with you and the quality product and service you offer. We will all pass your name around to other friends who may be looking to purchase a quality product (that really fits) at a very reasonable price.
Thank you again for all your help.  Chris Salonia


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