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In-Stock Saddles for Immediate Delivery

Measure your horse, then buy a saddle that fits!

Listed below are our in-stock saddles available for immediate delivery. We suggest you call 1-417-644-0091 to take advantage of these offers, since availability changes constantly.  We always recommend that you measure your horse before ordering a saddle. 

17WBear Trap Encore Package$3,200
15.5WCrusadeUsed, Show Brown$900
16EWCrusade EliteShow Brown, Slick Seat$1,750
15WCrusade LiteUsed - Chestnut w/ Black Skirts & Fenders$455
16EWCrusade LiteShow Brown w/ Black Skirts & Fenders, Border Stamp, & Endurance Stirrups$1,081
16WCrusade LiteBlack, No Horn$968
16WDelzarBlack, J Tree, Full Seat, Bucking Rolls$2,450
15WOvationShow Brown, Display$1,750
15W OvationBlack$1,750
16EWOvationShow Brown, Flank Set, Off Billet$1,875
16WOvationBlack, Western to English Converter Billets$1,805
16WOvationShow Brown, Lightly Oiled$1,750
16WOvationShow Brown$1,750
17WOvationShow Brown$1,750
17WOvationShow Brown, Off Billet$1,750
16WOvation LiteConsignmet - Black$893
16WOvation LiteDisplay - Show Brown w/ Black Skirts & Fenders$918
18WOvation LiteShow Brown w/ Black Skirts & Fenders$968
15.5WSentryConsignement - Show Brown$1,650
16WSentryShow Brown$1,750
17EW SentryShow Brown$1,750
17RSentryChestnut, CA Fenders, NV Twist, AC Conchos$2,065
14RSentry LiteUsed, Black$968
15RSentry LiteShow Brown w/ Black S&F$968
16WSentry LiteShow Brown w/ Black S&F, Border Stamp, & Endurance Stirrups$1,081
17WSentry LiteShow Brown w/ Black S&F, Border Stamp, & Endurance Stirrups$1,081
18WSentry/SinclairShow Brown, Bucking Rolls, 4" Cantle$1,750
16WSinclairShow Brown$1,750
17EWSinclair Ultra LiteBlack$968
16WWadeUsed, Show Brown$1,600
16EWWade LiteConsignement - Show Brown w/ Black S&F, Border Stamp, Endurance Stirrups, Flank Set, & Leather Billets$1,201

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